Features of the Supplier Portal

All functions of the Supplier Portal at a glance.


Efficient supplier management in the cloud

Keep an overview of your suppliers and purchase orders with the Supplier Portal. The platform is a SaaS solution which will make your supply chain process much more efficient.


All functions at a glance


Order processing

Do you still send your orders by email as PDF files and do you have to enter order confirmations manually into the existing ERP system? This is no longer necessary. Use the Supplier Portal to simplify your entire order processing by digitizing processes and thus optimizing real-time communication with suppliers. All ordering and delivery processes are listed in a clear and user-friendly manner. At the same time, buyers no longer need to manually compare the order and order confirmation, which saves an enormous amount of time.


Supplier evaluation

Quality, price, delivery reliability: The supplier evaluation feature gives you a structured overview of the previous performance of the various suppliers and their evaluations.  In a clear dashboard, you will find the most important supplier key figures such as on-time delivery or quantity. This makes the performance of the individual suppliers measurable and transparent.


Shipping notification and tracking

In the Supplier Portal, packages and containers are created for the delivery items of the order. Thus packing lists can be generated and electronic shipping notifications can be generated directly on the package level. Thanks to the overview of all orders of a customer, the supplier has the possibility to combine articles from different orders. Thanks to the order tracking function, the customer can also track the status of the delivery during transport.


Master data management

Intelligent master data management is the be-all and end-all for information-safe data storage. In order to work effectively throughout the entire supply chain, master data must be systematically recorded and regularly updated. This process is made considerably easier for you by the Supplier Portal, where your operationally relevant information is securely managed. Both supplier and article master data can be viewed by granting read and write rights or maintained by authorized users. A clear security concept ensures authenticated access.

The possibility of write rights enables the supply chain partner to edit master data depending on the task at hand. For example, information on users and contact persons at suppliers or descriptive properties of articles are maintained and transferred to the leading ERP system according to a defined workflow.


Successful supply chain management starts with your suppliers

The Supplier Portal enables simple and efficient processes and optimal communication between your company and all your suppliers.

More functions


Document exchange

Digitalize your paper traffic! The Supplier Portal enables you to manage your documents online and, as an interface in the cloud, makes all documents available online at all times to all authorized parties - whether delivery specifications, declarations of conformity, long-term suppliers, drawing objects or other item-related documents and images: email traffic becomes superfluous. This sets the course for optimal supplier relationship management.  



Provide your suppliers with labels in an uncomplicated way: The web-based label printer net.Label is integrated in the Supplier Portal and provides you worldwide with daily updated and order-specific labels via Internet browser. The customer can provide his labels - no matter if standard labels or customer-specific layout - with all important data such as article number, article description, color, size, price and barcode as required and print them afterwards.



The Supplier Portal automatically processes all invoice information, which is then forwarded directly from the portal to all common invoice processing programs.  When the invoice is posted, the invoice data is saved in the system.


Customs clearance

By connecting the Supplier Portal to the customs system, data can be prepared. Various data, such as the weight of the container, are integrated into the packing list. All relevant functions are automatically transferred to the customs system. Customs relevant documents can also be added to the delivery via the Supplier Portal, so the supplier can print them out at any time.



Time slot booking

The Supplier Portal combines all information in one place so that containers can also be tracked. The carrier can book a time window for the delivery in the Supplier Portal. In this way, you achieve an optimal utilization of the incoming goods department and a smooth process. In combination with dilos, the Supplier Portal has an intelligent dock notification based on the storage proposal logic. At the same time, you can track who is at the company site with which ID at the used time window and the tracking and tracing (track-and-trace) will be done up to the planned ramp.


EDI connection

The electronic connection of two companies is often complex and expensive. The Supplier Portal enables you to connect all participants in the supply chain without any installation effort, because access to the portal is user-independent in the browser. All information is thus available online to all participants in real time - saving time and money! Suppliers or other partners in the supply chain who are already connected via an Electronic Data Interchange connection can continue to use it in conjunction with the Supplier Portal.

It is time to optimize your procurement!

The Supplier Portal enables simple and efficient processes and optimal communication between your company and all your suppliers.

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