How you benefit from using the Supplier Portal

Learn how our platform can simplify and optimize communication with your suppliers.


Easy and cost effective

The Supplier Portal is the central platform for the digitalization of the procurement process and all communication with your suppliers - online and in real time. With the constantly growing demands on a globalized and specialized supply chain, it is often not easy to keep track of the flow of goods. But this is exactly what successful and smooth supply chain management is all about. With the Supplier Platform, we have developed an innovative SaaS solution to support you in all processes related to your supply chain. 


Your advantages in the overview

Maintain an overview of your entire supply chain

Keep an overview of your shipping notifications and view all data in real time. This allows you to clearly manage all order, delivery, customs and invoice documents in one system and significantly improve communication with your suppliers.


Digitalized procurement process significantly reduces the error rate

 Keep up with the times: Digital data exchange not only saves you a lot of time, but also minimizes error-prone manual work.

Cost-efficient and fast integration

The web-based Supplier Portal is easily connected to your existing ERP system. This enables a fast and targeted onboarding of the software. You also benefit from cost advantages that result from the integration of all functions in the Supplier Portal. 

The plus for your supplier 

Cost advantage

The supplier can export the orders as electronic data record and does not have to send the order confirmations by email or fax. In addition, he can create shipping notifications, generate individual labels for the customer free of charge and therefore does not have to invest in the expansion of his own ERP.

Successful supply chain management starts with your suppliers

The Supplier Portal enables simple and efficient processes and optimal communication between your company and all your suppliers.